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  • Monte Alban Mezcal with Free Worm Bottle

    Monte Alban Mezcal is a truly authentic Mexican spirit. Made in Mexico and distilled from the Agave plant using centuries-old traditions and techniques, each bottle contains the famous Agave worm. Mezcal is tequila’s ‘big brother’. Almost 500 years ago Spanish conquistadors looking for a rum substitute began distilling an Aztec soft drink made from the Agave plant. They ended up with a premium spirit called mezcal.

    Tasting notes

    Golden, pale, amber colour. Smoky agave, grilled pineapple and prairie fire aromas. Every bottle comes with additional worms included.


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  • Montezuma Tequila Silver

    Montezuma is a great value for money tequila. With soft flavours, light aromatics and a crisp finish. Produced by the Montezuma company and available in silver and gold for maximum flexibility, these tequilas offer a great quality liquid at a brilliant price.

    Tasting notes

    Creamy, sweet palate entry with dried grass, roasted agave and honey.


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  • Tijuana Sweet Heat


    Agave-infused tequila that goes down smooth and heats things up… Tijuana Sweet Heat is gold tequila infused with 100% agave nectar and blended with carefully selected spices. Find out more at www.TijuanaSweetHeat.com

    Tasting notes

    Smooth, sweet with a fiery bite.


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