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  • Southern Comfort

    The taste of whiskey made comfortable – a sweet, smooth and delicious gateway into American whiskey.

    Created in New Orleans in 1874 by M.W. Heron, a bartender who believed whiskey should be enjoyed, not endured. He took harsh whiskeys of the times and mixed them with his own blend of fruits and spices, creating the world’s first liqueur with whiskey. For more information visit

    Tasting Notes

    Southern Comfort is a blend of sweet spice and fruit notes with American whiskey which provides a complex, sweet and spicy flavour profile unlike any other.


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  • Fireball Cinnamon Whisky liqueur


    Forged during one of the coldest Canadian winters on record by blending smooth Canadian whiskey with sweet, spicy cinnamon. Delivered straight from the freezer as a shot.

    Since it burst on to the scene Fireball has been a revelation. It’s the world’s fastest growing spirit brand – and it’s easy to see why. Fireball has blazed a trail of success across America before the flames leapt over to UK shores. Best delivered straight from the freezer as a shot, it delivers a taste like no other. Fireball is loud, uncompromising and relentless. And it’s coming for you. Find out more at

    Tasting notes

    Sweet, fiery and full of attitude.


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  • Southern Comfort Lime

    Southern Comfort Lime is a refreshing blend of Southern Comfort with a splash of lime.

    Basically, we put the lime in the Southern Comfort and we mixed it all up – so you can enjoy Southern Comfort with a splash of lime.

    Tasting notes

    The perfect blend of Southern Comfort with the unique taste of lime and subtly sweetened with soft caramel and vanilla.


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