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  • Hapsburg Absinthe Classic


    The modern resurgence in Absinthe’s growing popularity is beautifully captured in Hapsburg Absinthe Classic. Expertly prepared to an original recipe and infused with Artemesia absinthium, also known as grand wormwood.

    Absinthe was originally popular with Parisian artists and writers in the late 19th Century.

    Enjoy Hapsburg Classic with iced water, mixers or create great tasting cocktails.

    Hapsburg Absinthe is a high strength spirit and should always be diluted to release the natural aroma and taste.


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  • Sebor Absinth


    An authentic, handmade asbsinthe.

    Made with the highest level of Artemesia Absinthium (grand wormwood) legally allowed in the UK and no artificial colours or flavours.

    Tasting notes

    A herbal aroma of rich anise with hints of menthol, mint and eucalyptus with a smooth aniseed and liquorice flavour supported by fennel, angelica and mint.


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  • Hapsberg XC Original

    Due to the superior strength, the ultra premium X.C range makes in excess of 50 cocktails from a single bottle and is perfect for the modern day mixologist to explore new flavour creations.


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  • Hapsburg X.C. Cassis


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